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tv   Headline News  RT  August 1, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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these are the images growth world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are today. breaking news an aussie whistleblower edward snowden has left the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport after being given temporary asylum in russia. and you saw russian underground the wall this is a scene with me. and welcome to the program whistleblower edward snowden has been given temporary asylum by russia allowing him to need the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport after five weeks in limbo the new assisting him on
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a twenty coach rana says the paperwork issued today allows snowden to walk and remain in russia for up to twelve months let's get the latest from lindsey france nice to see you so what is edward snowden. that's a very good question in fact it's the million dollar question today we do know that he's left the transit zone we can confirm that he left according to wiki leaks he left with sarah harrison the woman who accompanied him here from hong kong a little over a month ago so he has he has left and it's presumed by many reports that he is headed straight into moscow proper at this point but his advisor anatoly who has essentially been facilitating most of his communications here on the ground since he landed in russia has pointed out that his security is up most important so he did approach press earlier today this afternoon showing them the document from
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federal migration service is official. has got that all important twelve month temporary asylum document and that he was allowed to legally leave the airport of course a journalist were not able to get a sight of mr snowden because he he left very quietly but. did point out that it's very important to snowden to keep his whereabouts still secret let's listen. to you but it just the fact that he's the most wanted person on planet earth today he'll be concerned about the issue of security that includes questions of safety in the place where he is going to live that's all up to him i will consult an advise him but on other issues it's up to him as for meeting the press yes he's ready to meet the russian media but you need to understand you still need some time to adapt to russian realities. now this announcement in no way means that the press will not be hunting him as much as
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possible to track him down wherever he may be especially if it's here in moscow but next steps for edward snowden in this case according to him and and it's all you can you name that lewd finding a job getting settled learning some of some of the language and to china does say that he is in the process of helping edward snowden's father lawn security needed paperwork to come to russia finally visit and communicate with the son. all right lynsey frons life from the airport things that thank you very much indeed we appreciate it and. the model the our edward snowden who is responsible for one of the launchers intelligence leaks a lot of history less than twenty four hours ago they rail was lifted on all secrets the n.s.a. were hoping to hide this time it concerns the secret spying browser and she's going to check our house today's howell's all devolved operation. remember when edward
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snowden said he could wiretap anyone at any time be the president or a federal judge if he had their personal email that he could see the content of everyone's communications without a warrant the n.s.a. came out and said snowden was lying nobody can do that without a warrant snowden's latest revelation shows yes they can and i say training materials that he had provided to the guardian show that the analysts use a program called x. keyscore to mine and norma's agency databases by filling in a simple onscreen form giving only a broad justification for the search no warrant needed just type in the e-mail address and click search same with your facebook it's another internet activity it can all be easily searched how convenient annelise can also search by name telephone number ip address keywords the language in which the your negativity was conducted or the type of browser used the presentation claims the program covers nearly everything
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a typical user does on the internet including the content of emails websites visited and searches as well as their meditator x. keyscore boast global coverage it uses more than seven hundred servers at one hundred fifty sites around the world show me all the encrypted word documents from iran no problem or this part of the top secret training material shows that language is not a problem x. keyscore can do different languages obviously x. his core is not the only data mining program that the n.s.a. uses earlier we learned about the prism program which the agency uses to gain access to the private communications of users of nine popular internet services x. keyscore kind of like looks like their search engine it's their google of course as an ordinary non terrorist citizen you may be perfectly fine with the fact that some analysts say analyst may know more about you than your wife or your husband does but there are those who are genuinely concerned about the growing power of the
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n.s.a. . what if they don't want to certain person in office someone who would cut their funding or something this country has a history of worth happy scandals after all president richard nixon resigned after a whistleblower whistleblower revealed that nixon's office had wiretapped his opposition what makes anyone think that or something like that can't happen today in washington i'm going to check that. the string of groundbreaking revelations about the n.s.a. surveillance operations have led to the declassifying of several top secret documents detailing data collection as the agency as top officials are being questioned in congress after the widescale intelligence operations became public knowledge. well the league's byard where it's noted have led to a renewed national debate on government spying and privacy rights the revelations of the leaks prompted the senate judiciary committee to hold a hearing on five the foreign intelligence surveillance act that allows the
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government program to happen now f.b.i. and n.s.a. officials are in damage control mode the eleven judges on the far as a court are far from a rubber stamp instead they review all of our pleadings thoroughly three questioners and they don't approve an order until they're satisfied that we have met all statutory and constitutional requirements in an effort to appear more transparent director of national security james clapper has just released some documents from two thousand and nine to two thousand and eleven that were previously classified but many civil rights and privacy advocates remain troubled by how broad the government surveillance program is and worry about the ability of the government to track innocent citizens at the senate hearing government officials discuss the possibility of changing the place the process to make it more transparent another sign that the leaks are making waves is happening over in las vegas at the annual def con hacker conference although it happens every year this year and i say security agency director keith alexander was the keynote speaker and
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we're hearing the participants of the event were to say the least not happy basically the general today admitted to doing everything they can possibly get a job was exceptional usages these talking amongst each as it which for the rest of it will it really makes no difference whatsoever proving that there is tension between the government and the computer hacking community but it's clear for the obama administration cybersecurity is now a priority and washington liz wall. and snowden arrived at most goes forward on june the twenty third and got stuck in the legal limbo wished. a diplomatic standoff involving numerous countries and flown this we're now joined by aussies from central moscow so you go how will they whole story affect the russian u.s.
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relations well from the very start of this story president putin said that russia never invited to snowden it was his own decision to come here we've just heard from presidential aide. who said he didn't think this whole situation would relations with washington on the other hand the u.s. did warn anyone who would assist norden in any way would create severe problems with the u.s. they have been also asking for his extradition even though there's still no extradition agreement between the two countries but initially snowden was heading to latin america he did ask ecuador for political asylum venezuela and bolivia said that they were ready to receive him on their tutorial but then there was speculation that ecuador was under pressure from washington since it's already granted political asylum to julian assange then this incident with the the. president's plane which was stopped in europe and searched for snowden amid speculation that the whistleblower could be on board which is against all existing
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international rules and regulations and then it was after that that would prove from snowden's lawyer mr. that he didn't think it was safe for him to continue the journey and he started looking at the possibility of staying here in russia possibly even finding a job and president putin earlier did say that he could stay here if you want to but then he'd have to stop harming the image of the u.s. and it's needed to see here that all the your latest revelations from snowden published by the media were actually passed over to journalists by him before he even arrived at sheremetyevo airport. going off live from central moscow igor thank you very much indeed for that sound dates and the long days when i'm joined live by martin mccauley also and analyst specializing in foreign relations mr mccauley welcome to aussie it's nice to have you with us so do you envision at about snowden ever becoming a russian citizen. that's really up to him because i think that he would like to
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leave russia and go somewhere else which is in fact near the united states he wanted to go to ecuador or villas really believe they speak spanish it's an easier language in russian and perhaps he would feel quite. not of whom in russia because the russian language is not easy to learn it takes a lot of effort and a lot of u.s. citizens who have defected if you go back to the period before nine hundred ninety one those who defected quite a few as a minute are very unhappy and could really come to terms with russian and soviet life so it's really up to mr snowden because we have to know what the schools are if you've got high tea skills and russia is well known for having very good. he could slot into a job in moscow or somewhere else but he'd have to learn the russian language if he were to really become part of russian law because you can't really understand
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russia or russian to speak the language that's true and again there are several countries willing to embrace mr snowden and all of them are in latin america so where do you think he will eventually end up in the long term. he's going to find it difficult to get there because he wanted to go to cuba. and if you go to fly to ecuador venezuela you fly normally via you can you can fly via cuba but in order to fly from moscow to cuba you go through us as parents because the u.s. said that they would bring the plane down so there is going to find it very difficult to look to find a route which avoids u.s. airspace. in the end up to go by ship because it could go to vladivostok and take a boat and keep sailing and they end up in south america. i see why do you think there's been such reluctance from europe to help here. while ago i
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think it's because the united states the united states has been quite clear that nobody should help push node in the sea of traitor as a spy he he saved himself that he broke u.s. law. and he doesn't want to go back to face the u.s. judge and the americans have said to the european states that they should infact harbor him or give them any of systems or allow him to transit their countries that was the reason why even more as the bolivian president when his plane was brought down in austria. the thought that he was aboard and that is an indication that anywhere in europe. would be brought down so therefore he has to find a way of getting to show that america latin american some other way nicaragua ecuador. venezuela bolivia perhaps even argentina don't really
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favor are not very pro-american american and therefore they would give him asylum or given refuge but he's not find that in europe there are no rogue states in europe anymore because the americans have said that. if the european states help them. they will pay a price. so most of the show say that that they saw that the edward snowden saga wound infringe on relations between russia and the u.s. what do you think. the key event will be of the g twenty summit in st petersburg which is in next month. obama is down to give moscow on a visit now if he doesn't go to moscow but he cut short his visit to russia and flown back to america it means he will underline the displeasure and he made clear to president putin that he doesn't think it's a very friendly act to snowden or to help him. he would like
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snowden to be back in the u.s. so the test will be. next month. see. mohsin mccauley live from london mr mccauley thank you very much indeed for your views thank you. thank you. and let's not remind you of our breaking news story whistleblower edward snowden has been given temporary asylum in russia and has left small scars chair major airport here unfortunately it is in a taxi accompanied by weekly leaks represents. the new assisting him and that's only katrina says the paperwork issued today allows him to do so and also to leave work and remain in russia for up to twelve months his whereabouts is unknown right now according to the lawyer snowden went to a quote a safe place and to remind you snowden is their thirty year old intelligence analysts from north carolina released details of a number of top secret surveillance programs the revelation sparked massive public
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outrage with a wave of criticism coming from across the u.s. and around the world and of course the news continues here on our scene just a moment.
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so. stream quality enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch your t.v. any time anyway. welcome back let's take a look at some other news that's been dominating the global headlines the british resident remaining had gone tom obey says he is being sexually assaulted by a prison stop shaka will spend eleven days it gets without challenge has revealed he faces a forced south extractions on a daily basis that involve can proceed with detainees cold the most some large
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point to boycott cities. jacaranda told his lawyer that he faces so-called forced cell extractions every single day and prison guards only address him by his prison number which is two three nine so they enter his cell and he says that they flip him over for searches which are mainly assaults he says and sometimes even sexual assaults now as you said most of the prisoners call these a good sergeant he says that they involve shackling his arms and holding his head and squeezing on pressure points until he complies with what they're telling him to do which is to flip over onto a stomach now he said that they used to hold prisoners on to special wooden structures to carry them but nowadays that doesn't happen anymore and he's merely carried like a sack of potatoes which he says is an extremely painful procedure and when he tells the guards that they're about to break his arm they just shout stop resisting
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now in this last telephone conversation with his lawyer he said that he thinks that the severity of these assaults is down to the hunger strike that he and scores of other prisoners have been under since january protesting against the conditions that they're being held under the prison and in the same conversation with his lawyer he said that he knows that if he doesn't comply and if he's difficult during these searches that he will get severely beaten up but he says that he feels is the only way in which he can make a stand as i said against the conditions that he says he's living on jack ama is born in saudi arabia but he is a british resident he has a wife and four children living in london that british citizens but he has been detained at guantanamo bay for eleven years without charge or trial now in recent months there have been concerns that he might be the u.s. is trying to render him over to saudi arabia his lawyers say that that could be because if he were to go to saudi arabia he would be silenced and he wouldn't be
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able to talk about the. ledge torture and rendition that he's been through now as we all know the u.s. president has been promising to close down the prison for a number of years now and if they do that they're potentially if that's a big if but they're potentially faced with a bad press from former detainees which is why lawyers are so concerned that he could be sent over to saudi arabia where he wouldn't be allowed to talk about his experience. let's not discount the situation where the north clive stafford smith who revealed all his allegations of sexual assault and is the founder of the legal group reprise. smith thank you very much indeed for joining us now so we're hearing the words sexual assault coming out of gun time dot the escalation the seriousness of the accusations change the situation anyway well i think it's very very sad i speak as an american when i say this is just terribly wrong and we have
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not raised it with the american courts that this shouldn't be doing this this shouldn't effectively be sexually assaulting the prisoners and it was the government i believe who first started using the term scruton search if you're the leader of the they actually admitted this sort of thing and it's been done to try to intimidate the prisoners out of talking to the lords so that unfortunately the truth would not come out around time obeyed and most of them are resisting. do you see any benefit to the daily sell such as at the prison. when they're doing this the pretext that was given for doing these searches was that we the lawyers might smuggle something to the prisoners so the prisoners could kill themselves but first i would never do that but second when i'm on a telephone call with my charts it's actually very difficult to smuggle something over the telephone one so that's obviously
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a pretext or total nonsense and it's all about our intimidation. u.k. prime minister david cameron will top big show mr r. has really said the jade summit it's been over a month things that and the calls haven't been answered why. well it's a very very good question we. are aware of the last week that the united states wants to send shock or your correspondent said to saudi arabia and it's not that they can keep him quiet because frankly i've got a lot of evidence of his. structure of the prison it's that he's a criminal investigation here in britain where the metropolitan police a group of us have. to testify against british intelligence the british intelligence. has torture because they can only prosecute somebody if they have a real life where they're shocked or is sent to ready to sell you. a local to be a witness against us and cook a will to reaction to the suggestion that the u.s.
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is trying to render him to saudi arabia but i think is despicable they said he could choose where he is because we americans are not crude travel agents but they have been a travel agency of recognition to torture for the last ten years and the very least a shocker armors to send him back to his wife and children. also has been cleared for any zonda to u.s. administrations but he's still suffering abuse and gets what can we can put a lens to his eleven years of detention without charge rather than one can prevent a reverse to put him on a plane back to london where trusted very hard to try to make that happen it's horrible if he continues to suffer already suffering and grandson of the great one mustn't forget that fifty two percent of the prisoners accounted for release more than half. the rights clive stafford smith found a legal group reprieve thank you very much indeed your. next story of travel
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into the wilds of colombia for a closer look at the country's booming golding history. well. its technology innovations and all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. remember we talked about clothing for regular folks like you and me that can make you invisible drones well freedom fashions as i like to call them are continuing to expand although the fact that our drones infrared eyes are very scary the more common street cameras are way more likely to want to average day violate your privacy and thus they invented the justice cap this hack blocks your face with the
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lights from face recognition software all the camera will see is an anonymous glowing ghost i personally haven't tested this thing out nor have i seen it with my own eyes and wearing three aaa batteries on your head at all times does seem like a bit of a bother but hey if you really want to be left alone and you're willing to throw down a few dollars this looks like a pretty good fashion statement to me the sad thing is that this sort of invention shouldn't need to exist people should have to live with the constant fear of unlawful consent less observation but sadly they do so inventors keep the freedom fashions coming but that's just my opinion. the. economic ups and downs in the final. day.
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sank night and the rest i ate everything. is essential. killed in the streets. that women kidnapped and converted to islam. as for the coptic christians of egypt to the cross to use my. it's future victims. the way of the cross. mission in three cretaceous three guns four charges three. rangers three. three. types three.
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three broadcast video for your media projects free media oh don to our teeth on tom . for the past ten years colombia has welcomed foreign capital with open arms in his turn the new president juan manuel santos places mining at the center of his development model in bogota be independent expert coolio hero denounces an incestuous relationship between the multinationals and the colombian political class. know it. it isn't just an impression it's a reality that there exists a very strong link between these companies and the political elites that we have look at they serve the interests of the big multinationals. marked in red on the map of the country the land requested for mining concessions a vast area the multinationals bagged a major part of the mining rights about seventy percent of the andes is ten year
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old all covered by requests for mining concessions well you know if they when we see that it's easy to imagine that we're all going to find ourselves expropriated about it where are we going to grow the colombian people's food is going to get what's going to happen to our regions so that it's completely irrational gamble that. the mining permits are already allocated but the big companies aren't yet mining beyond gold. the largest. serbs lie in the heart of the . mountains where the revolutionary armed forces of colombia the far operate at war with the colombian government for over fifty years no one can penetrate this region without their authorization with the help of divers go betweens we've established contact with the four guerrilla fighters they've authorized us to travel through their zone while waiting to receive us. the local economy is
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based on coca plant growing these small green leaves are the raw material of cocaine. after years of anti drug enforcement cocoa farming is going through a crisis more and more pickers are leaving the fields to work in the gold mines. we penetrate into the mining zone in the far controlled mountains we get there by mule a two day journey with a good guide. marie c.e.o. is the president of the local small scale miners association. with it for all that used to be cocoa plantations. and the government has eradicated all the coca in the region. each day dozens of mules amble up and down these paths loaded up with cans of cyanide.